Sunday, March 23, 2014

Just a teaser...

I'm currently working on a side project where Anthony tells Lois all about how he lost his virginity and learned the tricks he has in the sack. I'm hoping to one day connect the two storylines so that Anthony can find himself in a Lois Griffin/Francine Smith love triangle/threesome

Thursday, March 20, 2014

NMG [REBOOT] Ch5: I Admire Your Giggity

Heya Fappers! Did ya miss me?! Well I have some great news...
[UPDATE 4/18/14] So I have had some recent troubles with staying attentive to my blog, but I do assure you I am trying to be as diligent as I can with my freetime without losing precious real life opportunities as well. As you can probably guess, I'm relatively new to this atmosphere and I try to do as much art as I can when I come home from my job; However, a constant dilemma I have as an artist is staying glued to just one project, however I'm constantly creating new work. I choose not to share a wide bulk of my material because it's alot of work in progress with 30% out of sequence panelling for future chapters/commissions. Please remain patient with me and I will always try my best to deliver you all the goods. Don't make me make my comments section google members only, I like to hear feedback from all sorts of you fappers, however I do ask for a little respect for my other half of my life.
Thank you again for all of your patience (some more than others). Enjoy the new NMG chapter, here's a few to get the ball rolling...

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'm Back! (Not Dead)

No need to worry about my whereabouts any longer- or leave me any more nasty comments/emails. I've been very busy focusing on commissions, but I haven't forgotten you all. For my foot fetish fans, don't sweat, I'll be posting some very juicy images of our main lady very shortly. And for my story fans, rest assured that I am working on continuing Naughty Mrs. Griffin with its 5th chapter (and yes, it will be a Quagmire/Lois "feet"-ure). I have a couple of commissioners that have asked me to share what I've done for them with the rest of you, so I'll also be posting those [**BLACKtuatory Rape Updated**]. Hope you all enjoy, and please keep in mind that I do this as a hobby- not an occupation, people. I don't want to disappear on you completely (that would be unfair to my loyal fans) but I may have to if I keep getting such nasty and hateful comments on the blog and in my emails. Thank you very much for your patience, and let's get to it!